Corporate Governance

Citizens is committed to developing and maintaining a strong corporate governance framework grounded in its Board of Directors.

Citizens successful business operation depends not only on the competence of its employees, officers, and directors, but also upon having a reputation for honesty, integrity, and lack of bias in the conduct of its business affairs.

Our Board has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines, which set forth a flexible framework within which our Board, assisted by Board committees, directs our affairs. The Guidelines address, among other things, the composition and functions of the Board, director independence, compensation of directors, management succession and review, Board committees and selection of new directors.

Our Board has also adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which establishes the core standards of ethical conduct for our company and is applicable to all of our directors, officers and employees.

To contact a member of the Board, please send your letter to the Corporate Secretary at the address below:

The Office of the Corporate Secretary
Citizens Financial Group, Inc.
600 Washington Boulevard
Stamford, CT 06901

The Corporate Secretary will ensure that the Lead Director, or alternate Director where specified, receives your communication.