Our Strategy

Our objective is to be a top-performing bank that delivers well for our stakeholders.

Our vision is to deliver the best possible banking experience for customers.

To achieve this we will:

  • Offer our customers a differentiated customer experience through the quality of our colleagues, products and services
    • Foster a culture around customer-centricity, commitment to excellence, leadership, teamwork and integrity
  • Build a great brand that invokes trust from our customers and reinforces our value proposition
    • Consumer: Simple. Clear. Personal.
    • Commercial: Thought Leadership
  • Strive to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by making good capital and resource allocation decisions, being good stewards of our resources, and rigorously evaluating our execution
  • Operate with a strong balance sheet with regards to capital, liquidity and funding, and with a well-defined and prudent risk appetite
  • Maintain a balanced business mix between commercial banking and consumer banking
  • Position the bank as a ‘community leader’ that makes a positive impact on the communities and local economies we serve

Our strategy results in six priorities

  1. Position Consumer Banking to deliver improved capabilities and profitability
    • Reenergize household growth and deepen relationships
    • Scale up growth in consumer asset businesses
    • Move towards smaller branch formats with fewer but more productive bankers and enhanced on-line and mobile functionality
  2. Continue our momentum in Commercial Banking
    • Equip our bankers to drive thought leadership and differentiate our customer experience
    • Deepen customer relationships with a focus on capital markets and treasury solutions
  3. Grow our balance sheet to build scale while maintaining a strong capital position
    • Focus on growing a cost-effective, sustainable deposit base in support of business loan growth
  4. Tightly manage expense base while funding technology, colleague, and regulatory needs and maintaining sufficient investment in our infrastructure
  5. Embed risk management throughout the organization and build strong relationships with regulators
  6. Develop a high-performing, customer-centric organization and culture
    • Live our values every day
    • Empowerment with accountability


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